Rental Information

If you would like to rent our "Ocean View" unit, it rents for $1,200/week during "B" Pool periods. To rent during the "A" Pool periods, add an additional $200.

If you would like to rent our "Ocean Front" unit, that unit rents for $1,400/week for "B" Pool weeks. Again add an additional $200 to stay in a "A" Pool week.

Contact Info:

Address: 100 Davis Rd, Street, MD 21154

Telephone: (410) 836-1044


The resort allows reservations to be made up to a year in advance. All reservations are made on a first-come-first-served policy; so to insure that you get the week you want, make your reservations early. Reservations made with only a short lead time, particularly for "A Pool" weeks will probably not be successful.(See Calender below for information about which weeks are A Pool and which weeks are B Pool.) Stays start at noon on the Sunday at the beginning of your week and end at noon on the Sunday at the end of your week.

Be sure to indicate a second choice week in case your first choice is unavailable.(The resort requests that you make a submission of a second choice during reservation requests in order to increase the chances that your request will be successful.)

An initial down payment of 50% of the payment due will be required before any reservations are made with the remaining 50% due as soon as there is a confirmation of availability from the resort. Should the resort be unable to reserve your requested dates and you do not wish to make another selection, your money will be completely refunded. If the reservations are made at the resort for your selected dates, and you change your mind, all of your money except for $200 will be refunded.